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Oval/Round nails can appear incredibly elegant, especially when partnered with a sophisticated design

Universal nail salon 33351 - Lauderhill, FL - Manicure - Pedicure : Entering the nail salon can feel like stepping onto a battleground. Depending on your nails' size and shape, it could feel like there are more limitations than possibilities.

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The Look: It looks exactly like it sounds, with straight and sharp edges, squared off at the tip.

The Length: This suits a shorter nail to minimize tapering.

The Shade: Stone dispels the myth that dark colors aren't meant for short nails.


The Look: A round shape nail, with corners that curve inward.

The nail plate is usually filed into a more slender shape with less support on the sides.

The Length: Though oval looks great on all lengths, it's favored amongst those with medium-length nails and narrow nail beds. Stone mentions that clients with shorter nails might go oval if they're growing their mani out.

The Shade: Nail art looks especially beautiful on oval nails, and suggests a minimalist look like negative space or a french manicure. Thinking of doing all-over color?


The Look: Straight sides that round up with a flat-edged tip.

The Length: Short. Stone points out this style, like oval or almond, is easier to get used to than a more extreme stiletto shape. Rounder nail beds look better with a round or soft square shape.

The Shade: A simple shape such as oval or round leaves room for more stylistic nail art or bright color.


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