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What to do about Split Nails ?

Universal nail salon 33351 - Lauderhill, FL - Manicure - Pedicure : Whether or not you work with your hands, a split nail is a major problem. It is uncomfortable and even painful, and it can be caused by a surprising array of issues. A split nail is characterized by a crack forming in your nail. Nail splits can be horizontal, across the nail’s tip, or vertical, splitting the nail in two.

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The most common causes for nail splitting are:

  • Moisture – Usually you will have experienced soft and brittle nails and the skin around the nail might soften, too. Eventually, it makes it easier for the nail to bend or split. This is common among those who repeatedly wash their hands or use nail polish
  • Physical stress -Whether it is an injury, such as crushing a nail, or someone with the habit of picking at the nail (including biting it), that too can lead to a split. Fake nails also put a lot of physical stress on nails
  • Psoriasis – The skin condition known as psoriasis can lead to a nail thickening and crumbling or splitting. In fact, more than ¾ of people with psoriasis have nail problems.
  • Disease – There are many health issues, apart from psoriasis, that lead to nail splitting, including thyroid issues, liver and kidney issues, and skin cancer. Typically, they cause splitting because they reduce nail health
  • Infection – Whether a bacterial, yeast or fungal infection, the impact on the nail bed can cause nail changes, including splitting
What Can You do About Split Nails?

  • Wear moisture blocking gloves to protect hands often submerged in water or exposed to chemicals
  • Always hydrate with lotion and cuticle oil throughout the day
  • Skip the hand sanitizer and go with a moisturizing soap
  • Be aware of the nail polish removers used and always opt for non-drying solutions
  • If painting a split nail, use a treatment beforehand. There are options that contain calcium and vitamin E to help with problems
  • Take biotin supplements to strengthen weakened nails
  • If the nail split is serious, such as needing removal, it is time to visit a doctor. There are instances when stitches are required to save the nail bed and allow a new nail to regrow.

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