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Always check for nail lifting when you have bare nails

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Always check for nail lifting when you have bare nails

This is an important aftercare step: Be sure to inspect your nails periodically. After you leave the salon, with any type of manicure, nail lifting can happen. This is a random occurrence, when the nail lifts. They usually resemble a half moon shape at the base of your nail.

I have a nail lifting right now on my thumb. Why this is a cause of concern (and why I’m going to my nail tech ASAP), is because nail lifting can lead to a bacterial infection. If you’re weighing down nails with something like polish, that bacteria will get trapped.

When your nail tech pushes on cuticles during the manicure, they’re ensuring that your nail plates aren’t lifting. So, when you leave the shop and take your polish off, be sure to look out for lifting. If you find that your nails are, a quick visit to your nail tech or refresh of cuticle care should take care of it.

Use cuticle oil in your aftercare routine

Cuticle oil is a great way to ensure nail health. It’s a product that stimulates nail growth and enforces long lasting polish. You’re going to want cuticle oil in your after care routine because you can conquer moisturizing and repairing your nails with one item.

To use cuticle oil, you simply apply a few drops to the base of your nail, where the cuticles are, and massage it in. Because of the moisturizing, thin formula, cuticle oil will fight against your nails becoming dry and brittle. Use cuticle oil at least once a day to ensure your nail’s top health. It can be found in most drugstores.


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