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Universal nail salon 33351 - Lauderhill, FL - Manicure - Pedicure : Acrylic nails have been around for ages. Whether you sat down for the lengthy process to look picture perfect for your prom or to flaunt the perfect mani in a wedding party, these artificial nail enhancements are a rite of passage for so many women.

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Are acrylics bad?

Allergies to chemicals (resins and formaldehydes) in the product can cause nail separation, burning, pain or swelling. Not to mention, you may inhale significant and potentially harmful fumes if the salon isn't well-ventilated.

Acrylic nails are traditionally stiff, without any give. Nails are meant to have flexibility. If the nail hits a hard object, it can more easily separate from the nail bed (onycholysis).

Artificial nails may heighten risk of infection. Bacteria that is not completely removed from a nail plate prior to the application of an enhancement can lead to Pseudomonas (bacteria that produces a green pigment, hence the term 'greenies') to grow in the space between the nail plate and the enhancement. Also, damaged nails that have areas of separation can predispose a salon-goer to this issue.

Are there healthier or safer alternatives to acrylic nails?

There really are no healthy alternatives to adding a false "coat of armor" to your nails. Instead, she suggests taking a break from polish and acrylics in order to achieve strong, youthful nails.

When shopping for nail polishes that aren't loaded with harmful chemicals, that are are free of resins and formaldehydes. You'll usually be able to spot them because the product will boast something along the lines of "3-Free" or "5-Free." That means that those polishes are free from known harmful chemicals.


Always check for nail lifting when you have bare nails